#MunchieMonday Love Potion North of 7

    Here it is, Budtender Liz shares the perfect libation for you and your special someone on Valentine’s Day !
    Whatcha Need :
    ♥️ 1/4 cup of fresh raspberries
    ♥️ 1.5 Tsp of granulated sugar
    ♥️ 1/2 TBS of lemon juice
    ♥️ 1/2 pint of raspberry sherbet
    ♥️ 2 Little Victory Sparkling Dark Cherry
    This is how ya do it :
    1. Combine raspberries, sugar, and lemon in a bowl.
    2. Mix with a fork until it becomes a puree.
    3. Place a generous portion of the puree at the bottom of 2 tall glasses.
    4. Top with a scoop of the sherbet, then fill both glasses to the brim with Little Victory Sparkling Dark Cherry.
    5. Garnish with fresh raspberries if you so desire.

    You can taste the love.

    Little Victory Sparkling Cherry
    Each bottle has 2.5mg CBD + 2.5mg THC.


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