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  • Origin: Cannabis sativa is found primarily in hot, dry climates with long sunny days. These include Africa, Central America, Southeast Asia, and western portions of Asia.
  • Description: Sativa plants are tall and thin with finger-like leaves. They can grow taller than 12 feet, and they take longer to mature than some other types of cannabis.
  • Typical CBD to THC ratio: Sativa often has lower doses of CBD and higher doses of THC.
  • Common Effects: Sativa often produces a “mind high,” or an energizing, anxiety-reducing effect. If you use sativa-dominant strains, you may feel productive and creative, not relaxed and lethargic.
  • Best Time to Use:  Because of its stimulating impact, you can use sativa in the daytime.


  • Uplifting
  • Energizing
  • Cerebral
  • Focus
  • Day-time use
  • Light green slender leaves

Sativa is known as a cannabis product with uplifting and cerebral  effects.  Sativas are known for their “head high,” an invigorating, energizing effect that can help reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity and focus.

The term sativa is a derivative of the Latin botanical adjective sativum, meaning cultivated.  Sativa is a species of cannabis that originates from South America, the Caribbean and Africa. Sativa plants have longer flowering cycles, fare better in warm climates with long seasons, and usually grow taller with light-green, narrow leaves. The slender sativa leaf can have as many as 13 fingers and the plant can naturally grow up to 12 feet tall in a season. Sativas take longer to mature than indica strains during the flowering stage, with flowering times of up to 100 days.