Chocolate Fondue with Reign Drops!

    Super easy , no fuss!

    • 10 ounces semisweet chocolate,  chopped
    • 1/3 cup of milk
    • 1/3 cup of heavy cream
    • 1 tsp vanilla
    • Redecan Reign Drops

    Loads of dipping options… strawberries,  bananas,  cookies, oranges, etc. Anything goes.

    Start cooking !!
    In a saucepan, combine the chocolate, milk, and cream and heat on low. Stir often until the chocolate is completely melted and the mixture is smooth.  Don’t let it boil.
    Once melted stir in the vanilla extract. Pour the mixture into a fondue pot and keep warm. Now you can add your drops for your preferred dosage. Stir again.
    Start dippin’ !

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