• August 25, 2021
  • Cannabis
  • by Kathy Rasmussens

    How to Store Your Cannabis Edibles


    For all Edibles

    • Store in a dark location
    • Keep it from getting too warm or cold
    • Keep it airtight

    Shelf-life expectancy and freshness varies in different edibles but some products, like candy or chocolates can last from six months to one year if stored properly.

    Keep your Edibles Away from Light

    Light is one of the worst enemies of THC.  Exposure to light and UV rays can be one of the quickest and most efficient ways to break down THC into non-psychoactive forms. While UV rays can kill microbial bacteria, exposure to sun creates a warm environment which can lead to bacterial growth.

    Keep Your Edibles at the Right Temperature

    A warm environment can lead to the growth of mould and other bacteria or make your edibles eventually dry out. Using the freezer to store edibles is not ideal generally, although it can be used to store with certain recipes and methods. If your edible product is a baked product, such as brownies, the loss of moisture from freezing can take THC with it, reducing the potency of your edible. Keeping your edibles in the fridge with identifying labels and sealed shut is usually the best option.

    Keep Your Edibles Sealed Airtight

    Cannabis edibles are particularly susceptible to dry out with exposure to CO2. Keeping edibles well-sealed ensures it’s longevity, as air contact not only dries out food but also introduces potential moulds and other harmful bacteria.

    Moisture loss takes THC away with it, simply evaporating it into the atmosphere. Keeping it in a well-sealed container can mitigate this.

    How to Store Cannabis Oils

    Oils can go rancid as they age, and once infused with organic matter they are even more susceptible. To help preserve cannabis oil, concentrates and tinctures, store in a dark glass container. Make sure the container has a tight-fitting, screw-on top, preferably plastic, as metal can cause an off taste to some oils. Keep your oil away from heat and UV rays in an enclosed, dark place such as a pantry shelf. Oils last up to one year.

    How to Store Cannabutter and Cannabis Infused Milk

    To get the most out of your cannabutter wrap it tightly in parchment paper before placing it in a resealable, airtight container such as a tupperware or silicone container. This will protect the outermost layer of the cannabis butter from being exposed to air. Store it in the refrigerator or freezer for the longest lifespan.

    Cannabis infused milk should be kept in the refrigerator, preferably toward the back or on a bottom shelf. A glass container is also recommended here, with the same style of lid as used in cannabis oils – tight fitting, screw on, and plastic.

    How to Store Cannabis Gummies & Other Candies

    Keeping hard candies and gummies in an airtight container can lead to weeping if not also kept in a cool, dark place with as little humidity and moisture as possible.

    To reduce weeping, give your gummies or a hard candy a dusting in a mixture of 2:1 corn starch to powdered sugar to help keep moisture at bay. Store in plastic or silicone containers or dark glass jars.

    If you’re planning to keep your gummies for a longer period of time store in the freezer.

    How to Store Chocolate Cannabis Edibles

    Chocolate is vulnerable to high temperatures and humidity. Store in a cool, dark, contained area. If you’re planning to keep your chocolates for a longer period of time store in the freezer. If you have a vacuum sealer, wrap your chocolates before freezing to minimize moisture loss due to the cold temperatures.

    How to Store Cannabis Brownies & Other Baked Goods

    Proper storage of cannabis baked goods such as cookies or brownies isn’t very different from storing regular baking. Keep them in an airtight container, out of direct light & heat. Avoid containers that have a lot of air room inside of them or use a zip-top plastic bag and gently hand-compress the air before putting in container.

    Cookies and brownies can be stored in the freezer.  Vacuum sealing or hand compressed zip-top bag method can help mitigate moisture and cannabinoid loss.

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