• October 21, 2021
  • Cannabis
  • by Kelly Rasmussens

    A number of new cannabis products and methods have hit dispensaries in recent years, but smoking is still one of the most popular methods of use. While joints have been around for years, until recently, you typically had to roll your own, but not anymore!

    According to Ontario Cannabis Store data, pre-roll sales grew 196.48% since 2020, and they lead as the top three selling product category.

    Pre-rolled joints are a relatively new product, providing cannabis smokers with a more convenient alternative then using a bong or pipe. Some people refer to pre-rolls as “the fast food of cannabis”, so what makes them so popular?

    Pre-rolls are convenient

    You might be thinking, if you can roll your own joints, why buy pre-rolled cannabis? One of the biggest benefits is that pre-rolls are  incredibly convenient. A pre-roll is ready to go right out of the package, meaning there’s no work or mess for you. It’s also convenient for people who find it difficult to roll their own joints.

    They are cost effective

    Pre-rolls are great because you only need two things, a lighter and the pre-roll itself. No need to buy a bong, vape, grinder or pipe!

    They are a fun way to try new strains and brands

    Pre-rolls are one of the most effective ways of trying new cannabis strains. Unlike many years ago, when there were only a few widely distributed strains of cannabis, there are now so many to choose from. It’s a fun way to discover strains you like and figure out what your preferences are.

    Pre-rolls are consistent

    If you purchase pre-rolled joints from a store or dispensary, the joints generally contain a pre-determined amount of cannabis. Since you always get the same size in a pack, you can easily determine how much of the joint is being consumed.

    If you choose to use a bong or pipe instead of pre-rolls, it’s harder to maintain consistency with how much product is consumed and how it effects you. By being able to easily determine how much cannabis you normally consume, pre-rolls can make it easier to know how much to purchase.

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