Twd.28 – Himalayan Kush 28g
    Indica | THC: 18% – 24% | CBD: 1%
    Twd.28 Himalayan Kush is an indica dominant strain with high THC potential and minimal amounts of CBD. It originates in a mountain range in the Himalayan region. Its dense buds are covered in trichomes, giving off strong aromas of earth & pine.
    28g $134.95

    Big Bag O’Buds – Black Cherry Punch
    Indica | THC: 17% – 21% | CBD: 1%
    Our iconic silver Big Bag is packed full of ounce-worthy bud. Prepare for a punch of juicy cherries and sweet floral dankness when you crack open this instant classic. Beneath the heavy layer of trichomes are beautiful green buds with purple highlights that will have you reaching for this bag of Black Cherry Punch again and again. This one is for the indica lovers that want their cherries totally pitted.
    28g $140.95


    Pura Vida – Sativa Honey Oil Dispenser
    Sativa | THC: 66% – 74% | CBD: 1%
    Pura Vida’s 1g Sativa Honey Oil Dispenser contains concentrate that’s been carefully extracted from the highest quality, hand selected sativa flower. This all-glass dispenser multi-tool is heat resistant and safe for use for applying directly into dab rigs, dab pens, taken orally, applied topically, or adding full spectrum concentrates to anything else – rolling papers, refill vape carts, and more.
    1g $38.95


    Bhang – THC Candy Cane White Chocolate
    THC: 10mg
    Bhang® THC Candy Cane White Chocolate blends gourmet chocolate with crushed candy cane. This bar contains 10 mg of THC and is scored into four pieces.

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