Truro Cannabis True OG
    Indica | THC: 24% – 32% | CBD: 1%
    A unique Indica-Dominant hybrid of True OG and Wedding Cake with an earthy, sweet, and citrus aroma with frosty bright green buds.
    3.5g $48.95

    Highland Grow Sensi Wizard
    Indica | THC: 23% – 28% | CBD: 1%
    Sensi Wizard provides a fast acting, experience. Enjoy the familiar zesty, citrus, and diesel aroma.
    3.5g $48.95


    Divvy Black Widow CBD Pre-Roll
    Sativa | THC: 4% – 7% | CBD: 7-13%
    A 12-pack of pre-rolls that are rich in CBD with a little THC and lots of terps in the mix! These pre-rolls taste spicy, woodsy, and a little nutty.
    12 x 0.35g $23.95


    Pura Vida Indica Honey Oil Dispenser
    Indica | THC: 66% – 74%
    Pura Vida’s 1g Indica Honey Oil Dispenser contains concentrate that’s been carefully extracted from the highest quality, hand selected indica flower.

    BZAM Magic Melon 510 Thread Cartridge
    Sativa | THC: 80% – 86%
    Magic Melon is a 510-thread compatible, sativa-dominant hybrid distillate from BZAM with very strong THC potency potential.


    NightNight Pomegranate Sunset CBN+CBD
    Hybrid | CNB: 15mg | CBD: 45mg
    NightNight CBN+CBD Shots contain 15 mg of CBN, 45 mg of CBD, no THC, and come in convenient 50 ml shot format ideal for bedtime use


    HalfTime by LYF Chocolate P.B. Cup
    Sativa | THC: 10mg
    Take a break and enjoy HalfTime, our traditional old-school Chocolate P.B. Cup. The smooth peanut butter filling is smothered with chocolate and is infused with premium THC cannabis distillate.

    Trailblazer Snax Pure Milk Chocolate
    Sativa | THC: 10mg
    Infused with THC, using 90% pure THC distillate, a virtually tasteless, odourless extract to ensure uncompromised taste and rich milk chocolate flavour.

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