Star Signs and Cannabis

    Aquarius January 2oth-February 18th

    • Smoking Cannabis with an Aquarius is Like Being Abducted by Aliens
    • Most likely to Instagram while high from an invite-only art show.

    Aquarius people love variety and are quite eclectic, and they’re usually brainstorming their next adventure. They are the dream makers of the Zodiac, so they are kind of crazy.  An Aquarius will call you stoned with an over-the-top plan, and when you bring it back up later, they’ll already be busy with something else. They’re really playful and will want to do something creative or collaborative if they get high. Smoke weed with an Aquarius and they’ll like convince you to make a movie or embark on a grand project with them.


    • Recommended Products: Strain Hunters Franco’s Lemon Cheese Pre-Roll  | Tweed Deep Space Soda
    • Best Way to Get High: While sitting in the passenger seat, dangling a joint out the window, on a road trip
    • Best High Activity: Talking politics

    Pisces: February 19th-March 20th

    • As the Space Cadet of the Zodiac, Pisces Can Love Weed a Little Too Much
    • Most likely to ask someone to pass the bowl while it’s in their hand.

    Pisces people have a reputation for being forgetful, which smoking a lot of weed can exacerbate. They love to travel, due to their sense of adventure. While these fish makes it easy to crack pothead jokes, Pisces are philosophers, so they always make for excellent stoned conversation. They see the world differently than we do. They think outside the box.  Additionally, that fish brain actually contains a bit of wisdom.


    • Recommended Products: OG Sativa  | Blue Dream
    • Best Way to Get High: Pipe
    • Best High Activity: Relax on a beach then splash in the waves

    Aries: March 21st-April 19th

    • Aries Is the Most Fun Sign to Smoke With—Even Though They’re Weed Snobs.
    • Most likely to hog a joint to tell a story.

    The strong-headed Ram is always on the go, making pre-rolls or vape pens a great way for you to consume your cannabis. Aries are also lovers of luxury and always like having the best of everything, according to their taste. You are the youngest and first of the Zodiac, so you already have plenty of energy! A relaxing hybrid that may help you unwind but still be your fun and social self would be the best for your sign, but most Aries still love getting those energizing and intense sativas to keep them excited and the thrill alive!

    • Recommended Products: Sativa – SAN RAFAEL ’71 Delahaze | REDECAN Redees Cold Creek Kush Pre-Rolls
    • Best Way to Get High: A pristinely rolled joint
    • Best High Activity: Host a dinner party

    Taurus: April 20th – May 20th

    • Taurus is most likely to get crazy high and get the munchies—only to find that the only snacks they have on them also contain cannabis.
    • Most likely to pass a joint covered in Cheeto dust.

    Where you will find a Taurus, you will always find food! They are huge foodies and love a good night in just chilling at home. Edibles would be a great way for them to consume cannabis as the high lasts longer than smoking and what’s better than getting to eat your cannabis! Just make sure you have other snacks that aren’t infused around so that when the munchies kick in, you don’t grab more edibles!

    • Recommended Products: Relaxing Indicas – LBS Sunset | TWD Indica
    • Best Way to Get High: A blunt, brownie, or bong—but a Taurus will smoke out of anything
    • Best High Activity: Netflix and chill

    Gemini: May 21st-June 20th

    • Most likely to get high and decide they should put on more glitter.
    • Even Getting Incredibly Stoned Won’t Make a Gemini Shut Up.

    Capable of withstanding balancing a million things at once, the Gemini is a master of multi-tasking and often possesses many hobbies, life activities, friends and careers. They are social buttterflies, holding conversations with just about any social circle they are placed into. Thoughtful communication can sometimes be challenging for Gemini’s since they enjoy talking to all types of people, but not always on an intense level.

    • Recommended Products: Hybrids  Jean Guy  | OG Kush Redee Cartridge
    • Best Way to Get High: High-quality vape cartridges
    • Best High Activity: Make music

    Cancer: June 21st-July 22nd

    • Cancers Secretly Want to Get Stoned with Their Family Members
    • Most likely to feed their mom a weed cookie.

    Highly intuitive and psychically aware, the cancer is very sensitive and conscious of its own emotions. They tend to be rather introverted and prefer a cozy night at home over a big party. If a Cancer hasn’t blazed with their actual family members yet, it’s on their bucket list. However, don’t let their love of home fool you—Cancers also love to party!

    • Recommended Products: Houseplant Indica | Sativa: Aurora Drift Gummies
    • Best Way to Get High: A homemade edible
    • Best High Activity: Build a bonfire and smoke up with their closest friends

    Leo: July 23rd August 22nd

    • Even Stoned Out of Their Minds, Leos Desperately Need Attention
    • Most likely to spend money on weed.
    The Lion is the life of the party. Leos dominate smoke session conversations and love to spend money on fancy weed accessories. During a smoke session, Leos are the ones dominating conversation, and if they ever take a moment for introspection, they manage to hold everyone’s attention as they stare off into the distance.  Leos enjoy being the centre of attention.  Beyond good jokes, Leos come with good weed. They like high-grade edibles.
    • Recommended Products: Blue Dream | Aurora Drift Soft Chews
    • Best Way to Get High: A flashy bong
    • Best High Activity: Steal the spotlight from the host at a party

    Virgo: August 23rd-September 22nd

    • If Obsessive Virgo Smokes Weed, They Probably Have a Whole Ritual
    • Most likely to use an app to keep track of their favourite weed strains.

    Logical and practical, the Virgo tends to be an overthinker as well as a deep-thinking intellectual. A natural born perfectionist, the Virgo seeks out tiny details and works to solidify them. Virgos are helpful and kind to those around them. Virgo people care what goes into their bodies, so they’re likely to be health-conscious about smoke inhalation and opt for CBD tinctures instead.

    • Recommended Products: Redecan CBD Reign Drops | Great White Shark
    • Best Way to Get High: Vape pen
    • Best High Activity: Go to a concert, one which they bought tickets for six months ago, and not shut up about the seating angles and how they selected their seat.

    Libra: September 23rd-October 22nd

    • Leave a Libra Alone with Too Much Weed and Things Will Get Weird
    • Most likely to brag about their outfit.
     Libras tend to be highly intellectual and creative, constantly seeking out ways to bring balance to their lives. This sign is represented by the scales, which means the Libra is constantly trying to bring balance to the lives of those around them as well.

    Sometimes the Libra can care so much about those around them that they lose focus on their own needs. This can create an underlying imbalance, which is ironic because this sign was trying to produce balance the whole time. It is important for the Libra to take time for themselves.

    • Recommended Products: Veryvell Yawn Drops | OG Kush | Fireside Chocolate
    • Best Way to Get High: A high-quality and low dose pack of edibles
    • Best High Activity: Sit in a hot tub and flirt with three people at once.

    Scorpio: October 23rd-November 21st

    • Scorpio’s only smoke with people they trust or want to bang.
    • Most likely to get high and go through your phone.

    When Scorpios enjoy something, they tend to go all in, and weed is no exception. While Scorpios may act like they are always on top of things, they need to be careful about overindulging, as eating an entire weed cookie may stir up their intense emotions in a way that leaves them hiding behind a houseplant at a party, haunted by literally every mistake they’ve ever made. Scorpios tend to do well with high CBD strains that chill them out and help them be present.

    • Recommended Products: CBD Oil  | Great White Shark
    • Best Way to Get High: Lick THC oil off a partner
    • Best High Activity: Have sex

    Sagittarius – November 22nd-December 21st

    • Sagittarius Stoners Are Chatty, Philosophical Nightmares
    • Most likely to: talk very loudly and embarrass everyone with them, but not care.

    Sagittariuses like to party. They are also powerful and intense. Whatever a Sagittarius does, they do it big. They’re the truth seekers, so they like to smoke and talk about all things philosophical. They will also talk your ear off. The Sagittarius can sometimes be stubborn and come across as pretentious, because they are very smart and sometimes overly chatty. The Sagittarius is immensely adventurous and creative, loving to take on new projects and produce fresh ideas.

    • Recommended Products: Ghost Train Haze  | Hexo Trainwreck
    • Best Way to Get High: Smoking a joint in one hand in front of a plate of weed brownies, while at a party, while playing the banjo.
    • Best High Activity: Karaoke

    Capricorn – November 22nd-December 21st

    • Getting High Can Help Capricorns Stop Being Such Intense Workaholics unless they come up with a weed-centered business plan while stoned.
    • Most likely to make a ton of money from weed.

    Known as the persistent goal-getter that will stop at nothing to accomplish what they desire, the Capricorn is skilled at maneuvering its way through anything. Capable of almost hyperfocusing when they are working their way up the goal getting ladder, nothing can distract this determined goat. Often involved with career climbing and making a name for themselves, Capricorns can easily get consumed by what their resume looks like, and what their status is in society. For the classy Capricorn, getting high might be more of a celebration than something they do on the reg. Therefore, a Capricorn enjoys the occasional edible, or may find CBD tinctures interesting.

    • Recommended Products: GOD Dissolvable 1:10 CBD Powder  | Pure Sun CBD Oil
    • Best Way to Get High: Cannabis tincture
    • Best High Activity: Play (and win) a competitive video game
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