A new way to FIGR!


    Figr’s exclusive, rechargeable device is custom-designed and temperature-controlled to deliver the best of Figr.

    Pairs with Figr Master Pods to deliver high-THC vape without vitamin E acetate.

    FIGR Master Vapourizer & Pods

    Custom designed to work only with FIGR Master Pods, this rechargeable vapourizer is powered by a 350 mAh lithium ion battery with two temperature settings specifically configured for Figr concentrates. These high-THC pods use a titanium coil and organic cotton wick to deliver the best possible Figr vaping experience. Figr Master Pods come in a variety of all-natural flavours to choose from.

    Choose your flavour!

    • Citrus
    • Mixed Berry
    • Melon
    • Terpene

    THC: 800 MG/G CBD: <0.05MG/G

    Prefer to bring your own device?
    Figr Craft Cartridges make the best of our craft more flexible.
    Compatible with any 510 Threaded Vape Battery

    FIGR Craft Cartridges
    Designed to work with standard 510 threaded batteries, these cartridges utilize a glass chamber and ceramic heating element to produce a high-quality vaping experience. Figr Craft Cartridges come in a variety of all-natural flavours to choose from.

    Cartridges are available in the following flavours:

    • Citrus
    • Mixed Berry
    • Terpene
    • Available in both 0.25g and 0.5g
    • THC: 700 MG/G
    • CBD: <0.05 MG/G
    • Figr quality without vitamin E acetate.

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