#MunchieMonday Vacay Cannabis
    #MunchieMonday Vacay Cannabis

    #Munchie Monday Trail Mix with Vacay Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies & Cream Bites


    At the beach or on the trail this mix is super easy and delectable.  Spend more time outdoors and less time in the kitchen.

    All the good stuff!

    • 2 cups of raisins 
    • 2 cups of peanuts or your favourite nut 
    • 1 cup of shelled sun flower seeds
    • 1 cup of smarties
    • 2 packages of Vacay Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies and Cream Bites,  chopped into pieces.

    Makin’ it !

    Throw everything into an air tight container shake it around and you are good to go !!

    Get out there and enjoy summer 😊

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