What Are Infused PreRolls?

    Have you seen the new Infused PreRolls at your local cannabis shop? Are you wondering what exactly they are?  Now your typical pre-roll is just some of good ole weed rolled up into an easy-to-consume product but Infused Joints are just like any other pre-roll EXCEPT they contain at least one cannabis-derived ingredient to increase potency, aroma, flavor or all three to make for the ultimate smoking experience.

    Some of the cannabis additives are:

    • Hash
    • Shatter
    • Terpenes
    • RSO
    • Keif
    • Distillate
    • Oil
    • Other strains

    Are Infused Pre-rolls Any Better Than Regular PreRolls?

    Yes Yes Yes! The other cannabis additives can make a huge difference in your experience. Depending on what the joint is infused with the infusion can increase potency, aroma, flavor, effects and how fast your joint will burn.

    • Hash (Flavor, Aroma, Potency)
    • Shatter (Potency, Flavor, Aroma, Burn Rate)
    • Terpenes (Flavor, Aroma, Effect)
    • Rso (Potency)
    • Keif (Potency, Flavor, Aroma, Burn rate)
    • Distillate (Potency, Burn Rate)
    • Oil (Flavor, Potency, Aroma, Burn Rate)
    • Other Strains (Potency, Flavor, Aroma, Effects)

    Are Infused PreRolls Worth it?

    The price of a typical pre-roll can be anywhere from $4 – $15 depending on the strain, branding, and size. Whereas, infused pre-rolls can carry a bit heavier of a price of $15 – $30. This may seem like a much higher price but if you have a high tolerance and are tired of smoking a bunch and not getting the buzz you used to get then they are definitely worth it. You will feel a way stronger effect and a stronger flavor that will make infused pre-rolls much more enjoyable to the seasoned smoker.

    We have a bunch of infused pre-rolls and non-infused ones over here at 41 cannabis. Come on in and see our selection, ask us questions and we will help you make the best choice based on your preferences.  

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