• March 23, 2021
  • Cannabis
  • by Kathy Rasmussens


    Smoking is the most popular way to consume cannabis and is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of cannabis. A joint contains cannabis flower that has been rolled up in a thin sheet of smokable paper. The paper is usually made from hemp, rice, or wood pulp. A pre-roll is a joint that’s ready to smoke because it was already rolled. When smoking out of a bong, smoking joint, blunts, or vape pens, you have the option of using a filter.

    For people who don’t like to smoke it, here’s a look at how different methods compare, plus some smoke-free alternatives to consider.

    You can avoid smoking your cannabis by vaping it instead. When you smoke cannabis regularly, you are inhaling dried up parts of the flower. On the other hand, vaping cannabis uses extracted oil concentrate from the cannabis plant.

    Here’s why vaping is one of the healthiest ways to smoke cannabis:

    • No byproducts from the papers and rolling material
    • Less chance of consuming low-quality cannabis
    • It’s extremely easy and quick to use
    • Potentially more cost-effective after you have bought the vaping equipment
    • More portable

    Note: Vaping cannabis has a much stronger effect than smoking the regular dried plant. Keep this in mind when trying it out for the first time!

    Cooking with Cannabis

    The healthiest way to consume cannabis is by eating it. You’re not inhaling any hot fumes into your lungs. You’re allowing your digestive system to do all of the work instead, which is a lot easier on your body.

    There are plenty of cannabis products you can use with your cooking, such as cannabutter, oils, and even gummy bears. It’s definitely a tasty way to consume!

    The Use of Cannabis in Personal Health & Beauty Products

    Another one of the healthiest ways to feel the benefits of cannabis is the use of wellness & beauty products. These days there is a whole industry built around beauty products made from the cannabis plant that are said to have wide-ranging effects.

    Here are some of the most popular products:

    • Topicals and skincare
    • Bath & Body
    • Fragrances
    • Oils


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