Halloween is this weekend, and it’s time to finalize your plans! Can’t think of anything to do? We’ve got you covered with the perfect cannabis-related activities, costumes, and treats for this spooky szn.

    Create a cannabis themed costume

    There’s simply no Halloween without costumes. If you’re still deciding what to be for Halloween, check out these cannabis-themed suggestions!

    Individual Costumes:
    – Cannabis leaf
    – Rasta Banana
    – Bob Marley
    – Cannabis Superhero
    – Hippie

    Couples Costumes:
    – Weed chef and any food
    – Cheech and Chong
    – Cannabis leaf and rolling papers

    Participate in cannabis related activities

    Create your own pumpkin bong.
    Check out this article for instructions! Pumpkin Bong

    Get high and watch Halloween/Horror movies

    Have a spooky movie marathon while using your favourite cannabis strain!

    Top movie ideas:

    – Nightmare On Elm Street
    – Halloween
    – Scream
    – Friday The 13th

    Visit a haunted house

    This idea is perfect for those who live near a haunted house. Use your favourite strain of cannabis before you go and elevate your experience as you get spooked! Make sure to have a designated driver or access to safe transportation. If you don’t live near a haunted house, try decorating your home for a similar experience.

    Check out this list of haunted places to go in Ontario!

    Make some cannabis-infused treats

    We have tons of recipes on cannabis-infused treats perfect for any halloween get-together!

    Try a new spooky strain of cannabis

    Ghost Train Haze UP20
    Sativa | THC: 21% – 27% | CBD: 1%
    Ghost Train Haze is a heavy-hitting sativa known for its fluffy, bright green buds and dense, frosty trichome coverage.

    Black Widow CBD Pre-Roll 12 Pack
    Hybrid | THC: 4% – 7% | CBD: 7-13%
    Rich in CBD with a little THC and lots of terps in the mix, this 12-pack of pre-rolls offers a full-spectrum experience with full-body flavour. Spicy, woodsy, and a little nutty to taste, this indica-dominant hybrid emits a lush forest fragrance with subtle hints of honey and delicate florals.

    Purple Jane Live Resin Zombie Cartridge
    Indica | THC: 72% – 78% | CBD: 1%
    The high-potency, high-terpene extract is made from fresh-frozen flower full of sun-grown flavour. Purple Jane Live Resin Zombie Cart is sweet and earthy, with hints of grape, vanilla and cinnamon.

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