New Arrivals August 25th


    Redecan Cold Creek Kush
    Indica | THC: 17% – 23% | CBD: 1%
    Cold Creek Kush is recognized for its dank smell, resembling a damp rainforest with notes of earth, wood, sour, and pine. It gives a strong but fresh aroma and a dank, spicy, herbal flavor, informed by high levels of beta pinene, nerolidol, trans-caryophyllene, and limonene.
    28g $148.95

    Reef Coastal Kush
    Indica | THC: 23% – 28% | CBD: 1%
    Reef Organic’s Coastal Kush has a unique and complex terpene profile that produces an intense, spicy and herbaceous aroma, with notes of mahogany, sweet flowers and citrus. This organically grown Kush has a fresh taste and balanced effects, which can be relaxing without being too sedative.
    3.5g $38.95

    Saturday Lemon Z
    Sativa | THC: 16% – 22% | CBD: 1%
    Lemon Z is a well-balanced hybrid that leans into its rich sativa roots. Harvested with care, these frosty buds are bright green and covered in trichomes. Cannabis without an aroma just doesn’t cut it. But don’t worry — you can smell ours from the other room. Lemon Z’s signature scent is from terpenes like alpha-pinene, limonene and linalool that create a robust citrus experience.
    28g $138.95


    North 40 Black Cherry Punch Flower Rosin
    Hybrid | THC: 70% – 78% | CBD: 2%
    North 40 Black Cherry Punch Flower Rosin is a creation produced using their in-house small batch genetics. This potent rosin is a solventless extract that’s carefully crafted using only heat and pressure. The final product has a delicious fruity flavour with earthy notes and an aroma that carries hints of pine and blueberries.
    1g $53.95

    Qwest Apricot Kush Live Sugar
    Indica | THC: 70% | CBD: 5%
    The live sugar from Qwest is made exclusively from freshly frozen cannabis. The plants are carefully harvested, immediately frozen and then extracted into oil in exclusive small batches. This process preserves a complex aroma and flavor profile that strongly evokes the character of the whole plant. This is exactly the craft quality you can expect from Qwest. The Apricot Kush live sugar will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and euphoric.
    1g $58.95


    Edison Jolts Sativa Lozenges 10 x 10mg
    Sativa | THC: 10mg/capsule | CBD: 1%
    Edison JOLTS is Canada’s first 10 mg THC lozenge. These lozenges are slow-dissolving and deliver a jolt of mint flavour. For optimal sublingual/buccal absorption, suck lozenge until peppermint flavour peaks (about 15 seconds), then hold under your tongue or between cheek and gum until fully dissolved.


    Everie Dragon Fruit Watermelon CBD Sparkling Beverage
    Sativa | THC: 1mg | CBD: 10mg
    Everie’s Dragon Fruit Watermelon CBD Sparkling Beverage was crafted with great taste in mind. A refreshing blend of natural tropical fruit flavours with just a touch of sweetness. Infused with 10 mg of CBD. Contains small amounts of THC. Best served chilled or over ice.
    269ml $4.95

    Everie Strawberry CBD Seltzer Water
    Sativa | THC: 0mg | CBD: 15mg
    Everie Strawberry CBD Seltzer is a light, bright sparkling water with 15 mg of 98% pure CBD per can and zero compromises. Fresh and fizzy on the tongue and bursting with juicy, whole-strawberry flavour, these bubbles are worth savouring. Available in 355 mL recyclable cans. Contains small amounts of THC. Best enjoyed chilled or over ice.
    269ml $5.95

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