Top Lead LA Kush Cake Pre-Roll
    Indica | THC: 23% – 29% | CBD: 1%
    Have your cake and smoke it too with this smooth yet strong indica.Have your cake and smoke it too with this smooth yet strong indica that is a cross between Kush Mints & Wedding Cake. It has a sweet vanilla scent with an earthy mint flavour.
    3 x 0.5g $25.95

    Elios Lemon Skunk Pre-Roll
    Indica | THC: 22% – 26% | CBD: 1%
    Lemon Skunk features the scent of lemons, black pepper and hints of citrus.
    3 x 0.5g $23.95

    Citizen Stash MAC-1 Pre-Roll
    Hybrid | THC: 22% – 27% | CBD: 1%
    MAC1 is a powerful strain with a, earthy floral scent and a hint of citrus. This hybrid strain is well suited for those with an elevated tolerance.
    2 x 0.5g $16.95

    Black Forty Wedding Pie Pre-Roll
    Indica | THC: 17% – 22% | CBD: 1%
    Wedding Pie is a cross between Wedding Cake and Grape Pie. It has a sweet, lemony and gassy profile and packs up to 2.89% Terpenes.
    10 x 0.35g $18.95

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