When you spend your money on Cannabis Products, you want to be sure that what you buy will stay fresh. Before we get to it, here are a few things that can reduce potency, degrade cannabinoids and possibly cause mold.

    🌱Direct light will degrade cannabinoids like THC & CBD

    🌱Heat and humidity can cause molds that will ruin the taste of your bud.

    🌱Air over time will also break down your cannabinoids

    There are a few things you can do to keep your stash fresh longer, including storing your cannabis in an airtight container and placing it in a cool dark place.

    Now Time for the big question Does Weed Go Bad? The Answer is YES and here’s an idea of what to expect from different categories of cannabis products:

    Flower cannabinoids (THC, CBD for example) will naturally degrade over time but if stored properly, can last 6 months to a year or longer. You may think freezing your bud will make it last longer but this will only invite excess moisture during the thawing process.

    Topicals are usually stored in airtight containers so if you keep them in a cool dark place they can last up to a year or more.

    Concentrates like shatter and hash can last over a year in airtight containers. Rosins and resins like to be kept refrigerated and don’t have as long of a shelf life as let’s say shatter and hash. Typically 6-8 months is about all they will last.

    With Tinctures, you will notice most come in dark or opaque bottles in order to keep light out. If tinctures are kept in a dark place at room temp or below, they can last longer than any other cannabis product, over a year or more.

    Products like candies and lozenges last up to a year. Other edibles usually are the first to go bad or at least stale over time. Depending on how you store them certain edibles can last longer, for example, baked goods when frozen can last up to a year.

    Capsules/pills can last up to 4 years, with minimal THC degradation, if kept at 40F in a dark place and in a sealed bottle.

    Whichever cannabis product you pick if properly stored in a cool, dark, and dry place you will get the most out of your stash and keep it fresh!

    Here are a few examples of storage containers available to you at 41 Cannabis.

    Owllusion Jar– The SmartStash Jar isn’t just a jar, it’s the stoner’s ultimate tool. With a built-in grinder, a funnel, a humidifier, and tons of space for your favourite flower, this jar guarantees you’re ganja will have a great time.

    Sweet Stash Jar– Stylish ceramic eggplant color stash jar with white letters “Sweet Stash” and gold dots from the bottom. It has a solid bamboo wood top with a vacuum sealer to keep contents fresh.

    RYOT 4.0L Safe Case Carbon Series with SmellSafe and Lockable Technology in Black and Camo with RYOT Lock: the ultimate odor-protected carrying case.  With an integrated rolling tray and straps to secure your gear, the 4.0L Safe Case is your all-in-one smoking station.


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