Cannabis-Infused Mayonnaise featuring Weed Me Do-Si-Dos



    Homemade mayonnaise is such a treat! Cannabis infused mayonnaise is an easily infused emulsion that can be added directly to many different foods. Use it on burgers, BLTs, in potato salad and deviled eggs.

    Our recipe requires a Cannabis infused oil. Please refer to the Cannabis-Infused Oil recipe in our blog and head in to the store to pick up 3.5 grams of Weed Me Do-Si-Dos to use in the recipe.


    • 2 egg yolks
    • 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
    • 4 tablespoons white wine vinegar
    • 2 teaspoons salt
    • 1¾ cups canola oil
    • 2 tablespoons cannabis infused oil


    1. In a food processor, mix together the yolks, mustard, white wine vinegar, and salt until completely smooth
    2. While the food processor is still running, slowly stream in the oils until you have a smooth and emulsified mayonnaise
    3. If at any point the mixture looks like it is becoming chunky or is too thick, add a few drops of warm water to the food processor to help maintain the emulsion

    Yield: 2 cups mayonnaise

    Store covered in the fridge for up to a week.

    Link: Cannabis-Infused Oil

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