Kolab Project Kalifornia
    Indica | THC: 23% – 28% | CBD: 1%
    Kalifornia is a high THC, Indica-dominant strain. Its aroma and taste suggest dense, lush vegetation with sharp, spicy undertones. Kalifornia is grown using high-calibrated automated systems, ensuring optimal grow conditions and a consistent product. All bud is trimmed by hand, then harvested and cured using a slower dry process at a low temperature.
    14g $118.95


    Pacific OG Pre Roll
    Sativa | THC: 22% – 27% | CBD: 1%
    Pacific OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid, a Tantalus curation of Goji OG, bred from Nepali OG and Snow Lotus. Nepali OG, aka Nepali Kush, is a long-lineage classic close to Tahoe OG that brings conical-shaped buds and earthy notes of an OG aroma, while Snow Lotus lays an undercurrent of black cherry and subtle hints of liquorice.
    3 x 0.5g $13.95

    Jeffreys Pre Roll
    Hybrid | THC: 23% – 29% | CBD: 1%
    100% premium whole flower – no shake and never any trim. A diverse and unique blend of terpenes and smooth smoking experience. Leading terpenes include beta caryophyllene, alpha caryophyllene and alpha bisabolol
    10 x 0.35g $28.95

    OS. Joints (Indica) Pre Roll
    Indica | THC: 16% – 21% | CBD: 1%
    OS.JOINTS Indica is a 12 pack of indica dominant pre-rolls with a strong THC potential. The pre-rolls were created with a single strain of cannabis and offer busy consumers a convenient way to consume Original Stash on the go. Packaged in a resealable, child-resistant pouch, OS.JOINTS are crafted with the same care and attention as Original Stash dried flower and each pre-roll contains dried and cured cannabis.
    12 x 0.6g $28.95


    Pedro’s Sweet Sativa Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge
    Sativa | THC: 78.50% – 83.50% | CBD: 0.10%
    The sweet smelling cannabis with spicy undertones that you’ve come to expect from Pedro’s Sweet Sativa by Color is now available in 510 vape cartridges! Pedro’s Sweet Sativa distillate by Color is made with super critical CO2 extraction, packaged in industry standard 510 thread cartridges and contain no added propylene glycol or vitamin E acetate. These cartridges are made with a ceramic core and can be used with any 510 compatible battery.


    Collective Project Blood Orange Yuzu & Vanilla Sparkling Beverage
    Hybrid | THC: 10% | CBD: 10%
    Our take on the classic treat, we added the bright flavours of Yuzu and Blood Orange together with sweet vanilla for a truly remarkable beverage. We then added cannabis citrus terpenes to round out the flavourful profile.

    Field Trip Goji Summit
    Hybrid | THC: 10% | CBD: 5%
    Climb the Goji Summit!  A beverage with scintillating hints of sweet and sour, goji berry, honey and ginseng.

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